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Press Release: Activists Display Banner at India Gate

22 April 2008 Noch kein Kommentar Diesen Artikel drucken Diesen Artikel per E-Mail versenden

Activists Display Banner at India GatePress Release: Tenzin Choeying, Tsering Choedup, Shibayan Raha from tibetanuprising.org

Tibet Activists displayed banner at India Gate to protest China’s Torch Relay.
The Action Demands ‘No Torch in Tibet‘”No Torch in Tibet” Banner in front of the India Gate, New Delhi (Photo by Annie Kohl)
New Delhi – 4 Tibet activists displayed a banner reading “No Olympic Torch Through Tibet” in front of the India Gate amidst tight security a week before China’s torch relay passes through India that is expected to be welcomed by thousands of exiled Tibetans from all parts of India. It was a month ago that the Tibetans in Tibet began to show their resentment against China’s Illegal Occupation of Tibet.

“Despite China continuing its brutal and violent crackdown on Tibetans crying out for Freedom in Tibet, the Chinese government is bringing the Olympic torch to New Delhi in its attempt to legitimize its Human Rights violations and Illegal Occupation of Tibet” said Gaphel,one of the protesting activists. “When the International Olympic Committee meets in Beijing today, they must immediately withdraw Tibet from the Torch Relay route. Carrying the Olympic torch through Tibet would aggravate the crisis and cause yet more suffering for the Tibetan people.”

“As an Indian and having our own history of foreign invasion I feel inclined to support the Tibetan people in their struggle for a Free Tibet. What we have been witnessing for many years and especially this past one month, it’s a shame that such brutality still exist in a much civilized world” says Shibayan Raha, Grassroots Coordinator, Students for a Free Tibet – India. “I appeal to all Freedom loving Indians to show up at China’s Torch Relay on the 17th and be a voice for the Tibetans who continues to suffer under the Chinese brutality”

China’s latest deadly attack on Tibetans came in in Tonkor Township (Kardze County), in southern Tibet on April 3rd after Chinese authorities detained two monks for possessing photos of the Dalai Lama. Following a raid by over 3,000 armed police at Tonkor monastery, the police opened fire on the crowd of over 700 people – nearly half of whom were monks – gathered to protest the arrests. All Tibetan areas remain closed off to independent media, but eyewitness reports from all across Tibet describe severe beatings, suicide attempts by monks locked inside their monasteries, house-to-house searches and, in one instance, a large group of Tibetan being boarded onto a train to an unknown destination at Lhasa’s new railway station and yesterday 15 monks protested in front of the state managed media tour in Labrang and called for Freedom in Tibet and Return of The Dalai Lama.

*20 Tibetans and Indian supporters were detained by the Indian police in New Delhi on Monday, April 7, 2008 for holding a peaceful candle light Vigil at India Gate.

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