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Nobody needs AMAZON or PAYPAL!!!

5 December 2010 Noch kein Kommentar Diesen Artikel drucken Diesen Artikel per E-Mail versenden

R. Wenserit

Whoever’s is looking for presents for their loved ones in this time before Christmas should think whether they want to hand their money over to companies like AMAZON or PAYPAL. Companies who have neither the courage nor the understanding for people’s right for free information but rather strategically hinder it. We can all have a different opinion about the publication of these documents by Wikileaks, however we should keep the still existing free (maybe sometimes even wild) information flow in high regard.

The USA, the capital faschist masked as freedomfighter and their allies, tries to show Wikileaks and with it the free world it’s boundaries, with the help of multinationals like AMAZON or Ebay (PAYPAL), with the slogan: there is no freedom which we haven’t first approved. Especially this country which wants to play the role of defender of freedom and human rights, then uses this cloak to try to disempower and enslave the world. We are not quite as far yet, however, even if the pressure on the media in the USA and it’s allies increases. I can hardly believe that Mrs Merkel and the rest of the politicians… well, you know it already, would be pleased to have for example the PPP contracts published, not to mention the skeletons in the cupboards. We hope however that this will still happen as long as Wikileaks still exists. And therefore I plead with each of you in order to support the preservation of pluralism and free information flow to boycott these companies, who want to rob the instruments of freedom,.

Say NO to AMAZON, EBAY and Co., the assassins of freedom, the helpers and instruments of the Bilderberger Group. My thanks go to Wikileaks for the presentation of reality! Carry on!

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